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Historical Information


1537        Toshiie was born in Nagoya.
1547        Matsu was born in Nagaya.
1558        Toshiie married Matsu when he was 22 and Matsu was 12.
                Matsu bore him 2 sons and 9 daughters.
1569        Toshiie succeeded Maeda and he went to Ishikawa.
1573        Toshiie’s mother died in November.
1583        Lord Maeda moved to Kanazawa castle from Nanao castle. --> Festival
1598        Toshinaga succeeded Toshiie and Toshiie retired to his family estate.
1599        Toshiie died when he was 63 years old.
1600        Matsu went to Edo as hostage and lived there.
1601        Toshitsune married Tama.
1617        Matsu died at 71 years old.