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Hello. My name is Daisuke.
I'm 18 years old. I was born in Saitama, on March 10, 1982.
I live in Terai.
I'm a fourth year Electrical Engineering student.
I'm in computer club. My favorite subject is computers because it's my hobby.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Tamura.
My best friend is Tatsuya Yamamura. I have known him since 3 years ago.
My hobby is making games. I have made games for three years. I use Visual Basic. And I have used Delphi for eight months. I often make action games. I often make games in my room everyday. I usually make games alone but if I want a new idea I ask my friend.

I have a computer. I have used my computer for three years. My computer's CPU is 200 MHz, the memory is 32 MB, and the hard disk is 4.2 GB. I bought a 230 MO drive, scanner, sketching tablet, new soundboard, 32 MB memory, game pad, SCSI board, and new graphics board.

Everyday I walk with my dog. I have had this dog for seven years . He likes milk. I don't know his age.