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My Summer Internship

What company did you work for?
I worked for Kaneda Company.
Where is this company?
This company is in Hukumitsu.
When did you start working there?
July  24 ?October 4.
How long did you work there?
2 weeks.

What kind of company is it?
This is a press company.
Does this company have a homepage?
No it does not.

What did you do?
I studied about presses.
Did you work with someone else or did you work alone?
I studied with 2 students and 2 company men.
What did you learn?
Company is very important.
Was your work hard or easy?
It was hard.

Was this your first work experience?
Yes it was.
Were you excited / nervous to work at this company?
I was excited, but also nervous.
Would you like to work at this company after you finish school at KTC?
No because my schedule was hard.