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My famous Person


My famous Person is Yoshiro Mori Prime Minister of Japan. because his family name is similar to mine.
I have  liked him for a month.
Yoshiro Mori Personal Infomation

He is 63 years old. He born on July 14 1937 in Neagari  in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
He is the Prime Minisrer of Japan.
Career Information

Career Infomation about Yoshiro Mori.

Scandal...fired to Prime Minister.

Yoshiro Mori Prime Minister have Scandal was

came back to Prime Minister

but he came back to Prime Minister.
because he was win in an election of  Ishikawa constituency.
and JCP were win in an election.
(Japan is the electoral system of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation).

he started the "IT revolution" project so he started "Inpaku" home page.
Scandal (after come back to Prime Minister)

after he come back to Prime Minister but he didn't chenge.

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