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Summer Intership

Kanazawa Technical College 4th year students must be Intership in summer vacation and finish Documents about Intership.
This page is Introduction about Intership.

Last summer I went to AMS Company in Kanazawa.
I went theyfre on July 10 and I stayed there for two weeks.

AMS Company purifies water and makes water purification machines. They are water purification machine factories in Matto.

I sometimes made Documents on Microsoft Excel alone and sometimes watched purification water Machine and Faculty with water engineer. It was very hard work. I learned gpurifies water is very importanth.

First job is visited to purify water place in Wajima. One day
I went to AMS purification machine factories in Matto.
This place is very interesting. Another day I visited to hospital purification places in Fukui.
This place on is very smelly. I wouldnft like to work at this company after you finish school at KTC.

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