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My Introduction

  Hi, My name is Kumiko. I'm 19 years old.
I was born in Matto September 25,1981.
I'm liveing in Matto now.

 I'm a fourth year electrical engineering student .
 I am attend school at KTC. I'm in broadcasting club.
My favorite subject is Japanese because I like Japanese.
My favorite teacher is Ms Ohara.
My best friend is Sachiko. I have known her for three years.

 My hobby is wearing kimono by myself.
I'm wearing kimono for 6 month.
I put on my kimono once a month. I put on my kimono in my house.

 I like suspense movies. I like watch movies since 1994.
I watch movies once a month. I
usually watch movies at Renais. I watch movies with my friend.

 My favorite kind of season is spring because I like sakura.
I went to Utatuyama and sakura tunnel. I want to watch sakura at night.