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Hello. My name is Ryo. Ifm 18 years old. I was born in Kanazawa December 17 1981. I live in Kanazawa Ifm fourth year Electrical Engineering. Ifm Hands on club. My favorite teacher is Doreen. My best friend is Shinya. I have known him since 3 years ago. I have a computer. It is Aptiva PentiumU 300Mhz. Memory is 64MB and hard disk is 6GB. I like using Internet. And I download a many files. I use computer since 4 years ago I use computer everyday in my room. I use computer alone. I listen to pop music. My favorite singer is Hanson. I listen to music twice a week in my room. I listen to music alone.
I like many movies. My favorite kinds of movies are American movies and Japanese movies. My favorite actor is Steven Seagal because he is very stronger.