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My profile

Hello! Ifm Shinya Sugie. Ifm 18 years old. I was born in Kanazawa April 18 1981. I em a 4th year electrical engineering student. I live in Kanazawa. Ifm a member of hands on club. My hobby is playing computer and using computer. I play basketball at Kanazawa gym with my friends once a month. I have played basketball since I was a junior high school student. My position is PG or SF. Ifm good at middle shoot. I like basketball, but I didnft join KTC basketball club, because I love to collect pairs sneakers. I like NIKEfs sneakers of AIR JODAN. I donft have them well because they are very expensive. So I usually canft them. But when I went America, I bought AIR JODAN TRANNER. American sneaker is good price. I was very happy. My class is E4A. I like my class because I have a lot of friends and my teacher is very nice his name is Dr.Shimotani. He is electric teacher. I like his class very much. I like ER. You know ER is very famous American TV program. I watch it every week. I have dream of because I like math and Ifm good at math. So will go college to study math.