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My Favorite Person

Name: Bruce Lee
Date of Birth: November 27,1940.
Place of Birth: San Francisco, California.
Profession: actor and gJeet Kune Doh master.
Personal Information
Your Reasons
Links and short descriptions

Personal Information

My favorite person is Bruce Lee.
He was born in November 27,1940.
He was an actor and gJeet Kune Doh Master.
He grew up in Hong Kong.
He died July 20,1973 in Hong Kong of a brain edema.


He started acting in 1966.
He became famous in 1971 for the movie gFists of Furyh.
He acted 24 movies.
He created the Martial Art gJeet Kune Doh.

Your Reasons

I like him because he is strong.
I have liked him since I was a high school student.
I have seen Enter the Dragon.

Links and short descriptions

Link 1:
This site is Bruce Leees history.

Link 2:
This site has a list of Bruce Leefs movies.

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