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Introduction (made on April 24th)

My name is Taro.Make mail
I was born in Kanazawa at October 19,1981
and live in Kanazawa.

Ifm a fourth year Electrical Engineering student.
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I am not in any club.

My favorite subject is English because it is very important
and favorite teacher is Michael at K.T.C.

My four best friends have gone to college or they are working.
I have known them for 7 years.

I have ridden a SUZUKI Letfs‡Umotorcycle for 3 years.
I have ridden my motorcycle to school every day this month. It takes about 20 minutes.
I like fly fishing for 5 years.
I go fishing by motorcycle in Ishikawa near Hakusan.

I watched StarWars episode 1 this spring.

I walk my dog in the evening everyday.