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Lady Tama

Matsu (Hoshun’in) 1547-1617
Matsu  She was married at 12 years old. She bore him 2 sons and 9 daughters. Toshinaga was her oldest son. She valued her family. So in order to allay Ieyasu's suspicions about the Maedas, she went to Edo as a hostage and lived there for 15 years until Toshinaga died. At Toshiie's death she shaved her head and became a nun by the name of Hoshun'in. She died in 1617 at Kanazawa Castle, aged 71.


Lady Tama  (Tentokuin) 1599-1622
Tentokuin-temple gate  Lady Tama was second daughter of Hidetada Tokugawa. Lady Tama married when she was 3 years old to Maeda Toshitsune who was 8 years old. For the wedding they were given confectioneries. Toshitsune was an adopted son of Toshinaga, the first son of Maeda Toshiie and Lady Matsu. He was also the fourth son of Toshiie. So Toshitsune was a younger brother of Toshinaga. After their marriage, they went to Kanazawa. Lady Tama bore him 3 sons and 5 daughters. She bore babies since 16 years old. Lady Tama acts as go between Maeda and Tokugawa. Lady Tama died at 1622, after year build temple in Kanazawa.