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My name is Kazuma.
Ifm 18years old.
I was born in Matto.

Ifm live in Matto now.
Ifm not in any club.
I like P,E class because   I like running.

My favorite teacher is Michael.
My best friend here is Hisashi.
I have known him 3 years.

I have a Kawasaki ZEEFFER motorcyclue.
I have had my motorcycle for 1 year.
I like to play TV games my home.
I play TV games 2 hours eueryday.

Everyday I play soccr.
I like dall becruce I like intrlesing.
I play soccer in my field.
My favorite CarisLincoin be cause it is super VIP

This summer I had an internship at Kaneda Metal
Company. Click here to read about it.