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      listening to music

             My favorite singers are  Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.


Ilike Mariah Carey   because her voice is beautiful.

I have liked Mariah  Carey since 1996.
I have Butterfly.Mariah Carey released her debut album in1990.
She became famous in 1992 for her album, Emotions.It had  5 #1 singles.
She has released 10 albums and 22 singles.
Mariah Carey's CD MTV Unplugged sold big.

Mariah Carey

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Many good pictures, Mariah Carey's discography and her biography. 
 Looks very cool and beautiful.
It is page that a fan of Mariah Carey makes 
A lot of information about Mariah Carey's news.



Britny Spears
 Ilike Britny Spears Because her is cute and a  good singer.I    have a EABY ONE MORE TIME?.Britny Spears released her debut album in 1999.She is born Dec 2,1981.She becausefamous in 1999 for her single,BABY ONE MORE TIME?.It is debut single.
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britney japan 
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